Friday, 3 August 2012

SAP: How to Write a Report Functional Specification

SAP: How to Write a Report Functional Specification: A Consultant's Guide to the secrets of effective functional spec writing including examples and a downloadable template


"Author Linda Timms constructive suggestions for reliable delivery of cash, full-time professionals to provide the features and functionality beyond the standard reference guide.

Full English plain, practical examples, tips, SAP: How to write a functional specification report provides the secrets you need to do a difficult task feasible.

If you Know where to start with business requirements documents • Members of the SAP project team assigned by the company,
  • Support analyst faced with change requests and new requirements
  • Navy analyst / consultant, business recognition and the crowds will start the game better
  • Any new academy or SAP training courses, a valuable member of the project team who want to make a smooth transition for
  • If you want to recommend a reliable career as a consultant to help build a big business management consulting and graduate
  • A young professional adviser a productive SAP resources as "good" I wanted to make a name for himself
  • Renovation of an experienced advisor information, and perhaps put a few bad habits
  • A business analyst who wants to enter the arena SAP
  • Functionally responsible for reviewing and signing a manager or team leader
  • A project manager wants to bring best practices
  • A technical analyst who wants to understand the functional requirements of the SAP

SAP: How to write a report functional characteristics of a "never polished, high quality, non-functional properties to create reports that the value is a model guide include a full download

About the Author

After college, Linda Timms is a new business analyst for a major telecommunications company in the IT field before entering a career in banking began to learn the importance of professionalism and customer service- Zealand. "- Operations - downs" in different parts of the SAP R / 3 training and Ernst & Young, New Zealand and became a consultant for a functional user requirements gathering and documentation, after years of inputs. For sixteen years of successful career in SAP, Europe and Asia, regardless of the receipt and before handling the plunge, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand has worked on applications. 

It was a many consulting firms consulting; SAP has been a great privilege to work with Price Waterhouse, IBM, Cap Gemini, Andersen Consulting, Accenture, HCL Axon and Deloitte Consulting. Linda Timms SAP applications, to be passionate about the high standards of protection and the struggle to achieve through coaching services have encouraged many young consultants. Temporarily left the hustle and bustle of London life in time to reach a wider audience to concentrate on writing the future and I think it is moved to the North Atlantic Ocean on a sunny island. This is an effective test, the functional characteristics of an effective counselor believes would help produce a series of four books on the first, as a senior consultant for SAP to make a name for himself, and the pride that you do.


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