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Electronic HRM in Theory and Practice (Advanced Series in Management)

Electronic HRM in Theory and Practice (Advanced Series in Management)
Organizations often have electronic human resources management (e-HRM) for the labeled HRM practices have been introducing more and more web-based. E-HRM in terms of improving the quality of human resources is expected, which allows staff to administrative burdens and increased contribution to the performance of the company. The editors of this volume of research projects, workshops and various human resource practices, including the application of information technology has explored a number of academic conferences. And "International Journal of Training and Development" "International Journal of Technology and human interaction", "human resource management, international journal special issues," as well as managing three in Europe, this volume is the result of an HR concrete (academic workshops 2006, 2008, 2010), and two international workshops on human resources management (2007 and 2008). Electronic HRM in theory and practice of e-HRM research should crystallize a theoretical framework to answer questions, explain the theoretical developments in the field of e-HRM research bring more attention to the support and discussion.


Undertaken to promote the effectiveness of these systems and to contribute effectively to society as whole electronic systems to facilitate the management of human resources in the hope of spending a lot of money. What works and what does not, what is profitable and what is more expensive than questions about becoming a sub-discipline of management. The three editors (who is also the taxpayer) Tanya Bondarouk Huub RuAfA the Looise and Jan Kees U. are affiliated with FC Twente, the Netherlands, and the remaining contribution is based on the United Kingdom and many countries of continental Europe. Topics in web mining, case studies and HR strategy and objectives of e-HR, HR shared services models, a framework for the comparative analysis of language problems are a model for connecting businesses multinationals and e-procurement. The volume is not indexed. Distributed in North America by Turpin Distribution. - An Annotation © 2011 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

About the author

T. Bondarouk - University of Twente, Netherlands
H. Ruel - University of Twente, Netherlands
JC Looise - University of Twente, Netherlands

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