Monday, 27 August 2012

2020 Web Vision: How the Internet Will Revolutionize Future Homes, Business & Society

2020 Web Vision: How the Internet Will Revolutionize Future Homes, Business & Society
At the dawn of the new millennium, technology, believes the potential Y2K successful eradication of the virus increased after stroke. Other than a concept with young inexperienced and not very active, the market value of millions or even billions of dollars Dotcom boast improved. Then reality set on the market collapsed and killed more than a hundred dot-com. High-flying NASDAQ fell by over 60% and the longest economic expansion was on the brink of recession. Despite the confusing scenario, the Web was not the end, but it is limited to the holding of innocent childhood or early phase of rapid growth. As a result, the site is only 10 years. Must comply with demanding applications, such that there were thousands of millions of dollars in transactions. 

Web is a revolutionary phenomenon, but has a clear vision of their future. This book is of interest to everyone in 2020 and web projects to the attention of the Web, but it is apparently surprised by the erratic course. Reserve our home, work and community revolution shows how new digital technologies, says Web blurred. In summary, the Web Vision 2020 has resulted in the future to relieve shock. Also be useful for those who want to create new applications or to invest in technology companies.

About the author

Robert D. Oberst more than 25 Fortune 250 companies, global support and human resources consulting, Regional Coordinator of the information in a management consultant. National Associations Active, interactive technologies such as the Internet works published strategic reorganization. It is also the future of technology visionary management groups, companies and universities courses and sessions were conducted. He holds a BS in Systems Analysis and an MBA.

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