Saturday, 18 August 2012

Identity Management: A Primer

A period of increasingly blurred boundaries between real and virtual, in this manual to ensure the personal safety of the world, the key issues and strategies for identity management and preventive measures in time and virtual teaching. Determination in a corporate environment and customers, suppliers, employees and other users and monitor how the organization is essential that opportunities to interact with information systems company. And identification of a single sign-ons for the access control based on roles to help focus on important issues in each chapter of this task in terms of real world issues and provide strategies to overcome the electronic smart cards, this text is a virtual world and students with a valuable tool for understanding the complexity of identity and offers professionals.

About the Author

Kent Spaulding experience in identity management and has extensive experience in software development and advanced engineering. Currently, Skyworth TTG Holdings, Inc., CTO and current chair of the OASIS Provisioning Services Technical Committee. Ilan Sharone management functions, particularly in the field, have extensive experience in identity and access management advisory work. Currently, its flagship product, Eurekify Sage, a leading role in the global management tool that works with. Graham Williamson is the Director General of Trade of Australia on the internet. David Yip specializes in identity management with extensive experience in the field. Gamatech O, Hong Kong-based consulting firm identity management and systems integrator, an expert steering.

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