Monday, 6 August 2012

Fundamentals of Human Resource Management

Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart and Wright, "Principles of Human Resource Management", especially for business, CEO, has been written to provide a comprehensive introduction to human resource management. This book is the most attractive market, concentrated and applied HRM text. Principles of human resource management are different from hardcover books of the same author team. Instead, the theory is directed at a high level of man management majors resources, this book focuses on the use of human resources general manager. This strategy issues such as human resource management, reduced to give more attention to how it is used in daily business operations.

About the Author

Raymond Noe, Robert and Anne Hoyt, a management professor at Ohio State University. He and former professor of management at Michigan State University, University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management was the Industrial Relations Centre. Michigan State University and his MA and Ph.D. in psychology from Ohio State University, received his BA in psychology. John Hollenbeck in 1984 and received his Ph.D. in Business Administration from New York University and is currently Professor of Management, Graduate School of the Eli Broad Eli Broad Michigan State College of Business Administration. 

Bruce R. Barry Gerhart Strategic Human Resources, University of Wisconsin-Madison and director compensation and organizational effectiveness Ellig chairman emeritus. O Green State University in 1979 and a Ph.D. in Industrial Relations University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1985, Bowling received his BA in psychology. Pat Wright and Professor of Human Resources at the School of Industrial Relations and Work at Cornell University. He Director of the Centre for Advanced Studies in Human Resource Wheaton College and an MBA and a BS in psychology / Organizational Behavior at the University of Michigan has a doctorate in human resource management

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