Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Xylem Structure and the Ascent of Sap (Springer Series in Wood Science)

The first edition of this book is an anatomical and functional view of the first to provide a thorough description of the anatomy oldu. Ikinci sapwood mounted three-dimensional aspects of the pressure drop. Cohesion-tension theory and new evidence presented in plants in response to recent controversies about the mechanism of the ascent of sap. Physiology, anatomy and hydraulic architecture, xylem dysfunction are discussed and new insights into the biophysical, physiological limitations of the maximum transpiration and how hydraulic architecture limits are reviewed with emphasis on buyume. Metin gas exchange and carbon gain of plants ends with a description of xylem failure and pathology. The book, to stimulate further study in future research highlights the most interesting parts.

Editorial Reviews


From the comments of the second edition: "The second edition of wood anatomy in three dimensions aspects of theory and harmony-voltage in response to new evidence presented to the recent controversy about the mechanism of increased self-opening book.... The future plants to stimulate further study highlights the most interesting parts of existing research. "(Annals of Forest Science, Issue 1, 2003)

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