Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Enterprise Java for SAP

After a general introduction to Java, author Austin Sincock Java world, the way quests to open the normally closed SAP environment. Sincock Java Server Pages (JSP), JDBC, and Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) is an SAP environment through such Enterprise Java technologies, communication is the survey. Where possible, all things open source technologies, which are owned by the SAP Java connectors atypical, were studied.

Editorial Reviews

From the Inside

The fact that he released a book called SAP Enterprise Java for SAP, one of the developers of Java development means that many who want to experience the world. So far, for most, even the discovery of information about programming in Java for SAP for any tidbit, was a fruitless and frustrating search. This statement was a familiar, and then you will find the Enterprise Java for SAP required reading.

This book is particularly SAP programming language ABAP for developers who are comfortable, and want to learn Java. For less experienced Java programmer, this book is the SAP Java Connector (JCO) needed to create applications with a great resource for more experienced programmers.

About the Author

Austin Sincock 4 years or more SAP R / 3 systems to access and use the Java Enterprise Development has been a strong advocate. O, the last 7 years or more R / 3 environments, applications and technical projects around the product for the implementation of this function have been able to answer. Sweden and DirecTV - Kraft Foods Her projects, we have included Volvo. Java, SAP-based design and market practices, in addition to speaking to the Austin community, and web / print publications and on / SAP evangelizes the use of Java technologies. He often speaks at seminars on SAP Web address licensing matters, Web Enablement Summit in 2001, for example, SAP, and SAP SearchSAP Developers Summit 2002, TechEd 2001.

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