Sunday, 5 August 2012

SAP XI Exhange Infrastructure

Reference guide and learning architect for SAP!

In summary, the depth and power of the common problems with SAP XI!

Current with SAP products that are necessary for a career as a developer, however, resource use and easy to complete can be difficult to find. Help to assess the current skill level to prepare for an interview, this guide will tell you the details you need to know. Define the one hand you from other candidates and prove he has what it takes to do the job. Separate you from other candidates, so that a basic rehash, but much more documentation and sales presentations, each chapter was awarded on successful applications of large-scale project, based on knowledge and experience!

Important questions:
  • Configuration with other Netweaver product groups Challenges
  • XI the application of integration as a means of
  • Security
  • To facilitate interaction between the integration server to use different operating systems
  • The internal and external networked computer systems with the unique aspects of the XI

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