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ebusiness or Out of Business: Oracle's Roadmap for Profiting in the New Economy

ebusiness or Out of Business: Oracle's Roadmap for Profiting in the New Economy
In this article, Mark Barrenechea, senior director of Oracle Customer Relationship Management section, you need to know about how to do business on eTransformation Oracle provides readers with an overview. The increasing unpredictability of technology and the future to allow any thing remains constant: the information is the key to success of any organization. Effective management and easy access to information is very important for survival, and each company must embrace the changes the Internet brings to society. This book, production and sales processes, covering all aspects of client relationships and work effectively in the new economy, companies need to consider changing internal processes.

From the back cover

An Insider them how to apply your organization reveals Top Strategies and Oracle Web-Based Success

Oracle E-Business or Out of Business, a global leader in technological innovation and eTransformation, swallowed by the revolution he helped launch had to be transformed into the reality of the risk itself or account now how yet. This book is a fast paced client Oracle, suppliers and employees with a global database, bringing together all aspects of their business processes and how to upload historical value perspective on details along provides step by step it was easy to access and easy to use.

In Praise of E-Business or Out of Business

"This book is accompanied by the transformation of e-commerce presents challenges and opportunities."

Scott McNealy, chairman and CEO of Sun Microsystems

"The competition today for instant access to the Rosetta Stone, and that all information assets without interruption. Oracle Database is a unified, united by our relentless pursuit of global e-commerce has created a winner. "

Mike Ruettgers, EMC CEO

"In short, summarizes the status and e-commerce. This book is based on the experience and leadership of Oracle's intellectual society as leading e-business is solid evidence."

Chuck Phillips, CEO of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter

"A fascinating guide to doing business in the Internet era."

Farzad Nazem, CTO Yahoo!

"I saw the most intelligent e-business applications."

Neil Herman, vice president of software research company, Lehman Brothers

"Oracle e-business to become a savings of 10% or more of other companies to increase their margins show."

Donald L. Lucas, Oracle, VC member of the Council of

Benefits to the business through the current Internet technology develop as many as they are powerful. Organizations no longer do business with a data center, or more generally to provide a momentary contact with suppliers and customers, add new products or services and aspect interact with literally overnight and significantly reduce the cost of operation.

Better yet, everything is as it is revolutionary transformation. All businesses, regardless of size, the World Wide Web to understand and maximize the business value in order to improve their competitive position.

How E-Business standby or off represents became business name of the first software company to move all the operations necessary for the Internet an insider report on Oracle demonstrating. Every business on how to effectively use the Internet for General Motors and Boeing Business, E-Business or Out offers a detailed plan and detailed case studies of Oracle and Microsoft and Oracle executives experience, full of the economy new digital, to establish its own global database and successfully compete again.

Like the Oracle test how the activities described in the Oracle e-transformation, e-commerce or Out Written by one of the directors of the center, any business can:
  1. Traditional brick and mortar operations agreement for new Internet business strategies
  2. Reduce costs and standardize business processes
  3. Coherent and effective interaction with each customer
  4. Collect customer information systematically collected to reconcile with
  5. Implementation of new products and processes that have internally the
  6. Mix in different databases and computer systems into a single global database
  7. Coordinating approaches in many application vendors
  8. All automation field functions marketing, sales, service, call centers, field practitioners, human resources, finance and integrated supply
The internet is an e-business economic to convert all the highlights of the presence of interaction call centers, field experts, vendors and end users. These workers mean that full cooperation between trading partners and customers. Better than any other organization, Oracle business from internal aspects of pre-production and purchase almost any Internet client service on demonstrated the value placed in contact with the supplier.

Oracle E-Business or Out of Business in the world, how to become one of the first companies in the first in-depth report. This shows clearly see the problems, a solution has been found and is now evolving strategies used to ensure that it’s phenomenal growth, of course, profitable e-commerce, and are often merciless.

About the author

Mark Barrenechea CRM Products Group, senior vice president of Oracle Corporation.

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