Thursday, 2 August 2012

The Brave New World of e-HR: Human Resources in the Digital Age

DSE and the Brave New World, and industrial and organizational psychologists, human resource professionals the latest information on EHRs and are an important resource filled with practical advice. Academic experts, this book is written by a group of experts and professionals in DME gives an overview of key technology trends and shows how to use technology to improve organizational effectiveness. A general, the book contains information on a wide variety of topics and
  • Advanced CRM and ERP systems, Human Resource Overview of the transformation of manual processes
  • Examine the effectiveness of online strategies to attract talent
  • Implement and maintain the E-selection, procurement, design, can help organizations provide valuable insights
  • This includes a review of recent research on the effectiveness of distance learning, education, and organization
  • The advantages and potential disadvantages of using eHR to manage employee performance analysis
  • Technology shows how it supports the administration of pay systems
  • Describe trends in human resources in delivering products and services
  • Functional and dysfunctional consequences of using eHR to attract Imagine select and manage employee performance in organizations
  • This is an impressive appearance in the coming years and offers a futuristic human resource and technology

This book is a series of application unit sponsored by the Association of Industrial and Organizational Psychology. The theory of Brave New World, and is reflected in the practice EHR and diagnose problems and proactive professional to manage change and an effective EHR system provides an invaluable resource.

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