Tuesday, 7 August 2012

SAP PR Release Strategy Concept and Configuration Guide - A Case Study

Most end users of SAP MM or trainees, to the purchase request (PR) strategy version "black box" process. There is good documentation and I can not understand many of the problems are the most frustrated.

This book launch strategy and step by step how to configure the SAP ERP system, explains the basic concepts of public relations. To make it more understandable and a case study of the configuration comes with screen shots of each step.

The book, to understand, anyone can learn so easy to write. You do not live to be able to configure or SAP have the ability to extended configuration.

In addition, the book also detailed SAP ERP purchase (buying cycle) includes a section describing. This source, vendor selection, purchase order (PO) to determine the source of postal transformation and monitoring process, needs assessment (SAP public relations document for details) explains.

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