Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Implementing Employee and Manager Self Service in SAP ERP HCM

Self service for employees and managers is now widely accepted and used by companies worldwide. Work or SAP ERP HCM Employee Self Service (ESS) and Manager Self-Service application (MSS) if you think you need this resource.

This book, human resources and IT specialists, written for project managers and consultants. This is why it is important for organizations to self-service retail design include the implementation of the project cycle, how it sits on a strategy of service delivery and development of a model of how the company handled. ESS common CNS and a main frame, OADP (objects and field data), including basic configuration and, with the details of the technical implementation is provided.

The self-service, including installation and configuration of the base, and SAP ESS and MSS business packages tells a complete revision of existing standard components. The Delegation of topics, workflow and advanced, including safety distances, closed, and a case study and provides information in the real world is learned from past experiences.

Features of Implementing Employee and Manager Self Service in SAP ERP HCM:
  • Understanding the Business Case ESS and MSS
  • Delivery models of self-service
  • Integration with Personnel Administration and Organizational Management
  • Main frame configuration
  • Replacement Delegation and management
  • Management authorization and SAP Portal CEC
  • The implementation of private self-service applications

About the Author

The SAP HCM by Jeremy Masters is an author, lecturer and expert. Co-founder and Fortune 1000 companies that provide software solutions and professional services for Worklogix SAP HCM, is the Managing Partner. It has been a practitioner of 10 years of SAP HCM. Christos Kotsakis Starwood Hotels and Resorts vice president of global information technologies. Previously, IBM Global Business Services Human Capital Management applications to become a partner in the company. Over the last 10 years, covering all functions of HCM, achieved more than a dozen project teams.

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