Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Inter-organizational Cooperation with SAP Solutions: Design and Management of Supply Networks (SAP Excellence)

Organizations have become increasingly important strategies for cooperation between companies. This book is a brief introduction to the theory of cooperative management of the supply chain and logistics management services and provides the basics. The main purpose of the book, however, organizations (including the coordination of the supply chain) incelemektir. Yazarlar using SAP systems to support cooperation between the two well-known logistics solutions, to offer. g. and SAP EDI, SAP APO, SAP ERP, SAP BBP, SAP Business Information Warehouse, and Internet applications prior art solution applications such as supply chain systems. In particular, the book contains a series of studies is to demonstrate the application of the implementation of systems.

Target audience of this book consists of SAP consultants, business analysts and systems and the public school environment ideally R / 3 should be composed of owners of business processes, IT yoneticilerigelistirilmesi all functional areas involved with support the implementation and supply chain and logistics solutions.

SAP uses the subject of a logistics management supply chain length, or a business center and its suppliers. Extended Systems' supply chain to extend the benefits of trade between the buyer and seller (1) a description (such as communications infrastructure, with emphasis on the use of the Internet): The book has three main sub-themes (2) details on how to do it with SAP, and (3) evidence that can be made.

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