Tuesday, 3 April 2012

ARIS: Business Process Modeling

This book describes in detail how ARIS methods and the systematic development of model systems, and intelligent application of an information model that serves as a fundamental cause of the UML (Unified Modeling Language), to determine the process business. SAP R / 3 with multiple real-world examples of information management, workflow systems and standard software solutions, modeling business processes, including application procedures, methods and aspects ARIS distribution of the program.

Language Notes

Text: English (translation)
Original language: German - This text refers to the print edition or not related to this product.

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ARIS (Architecture of Integrated Information Systems) is one. Unique and internationally recognized for the implementation and enforcement systems to optimize business processes
This book describes in detail how ARIS models and methods, UML (Unified Modeling Language) and perform a systematic and intelligent business processes, model development of information systems is a cornerstone of reason.

ARIS against the methods of distribution - knowledge management, workflow systems and the implementation of standard software solutions (SAP R / 3, in particular), including more than one real-life examples.

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