Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Logistic Core Operations with SAP: Inventory Management, Warehousing, Transportation, and Compliance

"SAP and the logistics base" provides information on logistics processes and key functions, as well as logistics operations based on SAP Business Suite includes support, and these systems show how covers can be the sole purpose of end logistics processes are used to implement the core disciplines include: purchasing, distribution, transportation, logistics, warehousing and inventory management and compliance reporting. In this context, the authors of the integration, organizational structure and data, but also to explain the solution best fits your needs the best not only for a particular job. 

This book provides a solid foundation for the understanding of SAP software. Located within an SAP application or an administrator can get a student, writers, and make recommendations to help you ask the right questions to answer, beyond the traditional roles and job descriptions. Book in a closed loop SAP terminology, concepts and technology helps us to understand the components and their integration. Written in a clear and direct, and valuable tips, screenshots and how they are mapped to an explanatory diagrams showing software features based on business needs and best practices with practical examples of use.

About the Author

Jens Kappauf SAP Industry Business Unit, Business Solutions AG Senior Architect ", transportation services and logistics." In addition, this position focuses on the implementation and application of technical integration, responsible for the strategic direction of SAP solutions and third party contract logistics. The success with consulting experience in the industry for over 12 years and brings experience and international experience in sales and a focus on the customer service and spare parts logistics is an application at project implementation and operations of service, but also the storage, application and Supply Chain Management. Jens Heidelberg, Germany with his family near the company and holds a degree in their lives. Since 1995, Dr. Bernd Lauterbach studied electrical engineering in Walldorf, Germany, SAP has worked in the center. Event management from 2000-2007 leading the development of the SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure and Transport Management architect and project manager / development took place. 

A second focus of the work of the support of transportation projects with leading SAP customers. Transportation and logistics solutions since 2008 senior business SAP IBU, worked as an architect. Matthias Koch, who has a degree in business administration and worked for several years as a consultant in SAP logistics. During this period, extensive experience in various sectors. His main area of ​​sales and distribution, materials management and procurement, Project Management, Logistics Information Systems, Transport Management and Systems Integration are. Travel and Logistics Consulting Services IBU Matthias career before continuing logistics sales experience within the loading zone, and after winning. Transport and logistics is currently responsible for the product manager of transportation management.


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