Monday, 23 April 2012

The Developer's Guide to the SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment

SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment can help you create composite applications quickly and efficiently - the book shows how this developer. Many examples of composite applications using SAP NetWeaver CE 7.1 to build your own car and learn to use methods of development.

Detailed programming tutorials throughout the book, the authors will help you decide which vehicle CAF, Web Dynpro, Visual Composer, SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe and guided step by step procedures that will guide you through the worlds are more appropriate for special use cases. Many pictures, code samples and best practices provided by SAP directly, you can quickly create their own composite applications and software solutions oriented service that benefit.

The book also has all the examples used in the book; the DVD includes a trial version of SAP NetWeaver CE 7.1.

Features of SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment:
  • Architecture: Understanding the tools of SAP NetWeaver CE
  • Composite Application Framework: authorization concepts, persistent remote application services, Web services
  • Modeling Visual Composer and the result is a participating State
  • Guided Procedures: Blocks, processes, dosage forms,
  • Composite applications: Transaction information, exception handling, business objects, user interfaces
  • Best practices: Installation notes, performance, troubleshooting, FAQ, on the

About the Author

SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment Rauscher events of January composites industry vehicles, implements and manages the distribution. Product manager for SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment Volker Stiehl, and focuses on the architectural design of composite applications.

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