Wednesday, 11 April 2012

SAP BW Performance Optimization Guide

This book analyzes and optimizes the performance of SAP BW version 3.5 offers a comprehensive guide. First, the author of SAP BW (architecture, data modeling), a systematic specific data such as key tools for performance analysis methods and an introduction to basic concepts of design tips.

Then, indexes, statistics, databases and optimize the benefits of expert knowledge on critical aspects of performance reporting. Performance of extraction and loading, as the full length chapter’s deal with aggregates. In addition, compression and partitioning large InfoCubes will be discussed.

This unique reference managers of knowledge, practical advice and effective analysis and provides all the tools necessary to adjust the performance of your BW. In addition, when developers BW contain any detailed description of payload design and expert advice.

Features of SAP BW Performance Optimization Guide:

  • BW architecture, sizing and modeling data

  • Analysis of the system load

  • Indices and statistical database

  • OLAP Cache, query monitor and trace the declaration of biological warfare agent, by the end of the performance of the network, applications and Bex workbooks: Performance Report

  • Aggregates

  • Compression and Partitioning

  • Extraction efficiency and load: data sources, techniques of data flow, communication, and transfer a permanent staging area, aspects of performance load, extraction processes and data integration of data processing

  • Updating InfoCubes and ODS Objects

About the Author

Thomas Schroder Ader management consultant in the field of Finance Transformation Consulting Capgemini Deutschland GmbH,, Germany's request. His consulting work, business intelligence, business analysis, data modeling, architectures, data storage, and focuses on strategies for SAP BW.

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