Tuesday, 17 April 2012

JavaFX 1.2 Application Development Cookbook

This book is a comprehensive collection of recipes to publicize the case of use. To better understand why and how you followed a detailed explanation of each step to complete the task, you will find an organized process for each step by step was carried out in books and online references, and many other related sectors baglantilarkonu complementary. One by one, then go directly to recipes or recipes to work with a cookbook that was written explicitly depends on the interest you are referenced in other directions. A Java developer, application developer, rich internet content, or animations, videos and other rich content features are a graphic designer and wants to build RIA, this book is for you. Components Java, JavaScript and JavaFX, the information is not necessary, but this book will help you to our advantage.

About the Author

Vladimir Vivien

Vladimir Vivien is a software muhendisi. Gecmisteki and experience of current life in the United States has a project in Java and NET. For publishing industries, including finance and health. O, the user sees, such as graphical user interfaces and server middleware has worked with a number of different technologies. Vladimir has been involved in open source projects. It is now the main project implementation and management of a large part of the DSL JmxBuilder a wonderful writer. Vladimir JavaOne, NFJS Software Symposium and some of the ideas presented in the local Java user groups.

In Java, OSGi, Scala, BugLabs, Arduino, sunspots, and other interesting projects JVM running on a wide range of technologies, including the area of ??Interest is JavaFX.

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