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CFO Techniques: A Hands-on Guide to Keeping Your Business Solvent and Successful

CFO Techniques: A Practical Guide to keep the company solvent and successful working in a fast changing business environment, CFOs and controllers of multitasking is a work full and instructive. Increasingly broad scope of each senior financial professional, successful CFO or controller based on the daily agenda of activities with accurate descriptions of the various tasks that make up this system will benefit all. Traditional responsibilities such as budgeting and financial reporting, such as more innovative tasks such as performance analysis and covers everything from developing business strategies.

About what it takes to excel as the head of a finance company focusing on the particular rules of the work, cultural references, with a ton of real life examples and comfortable avoiding drought overwhelming. To read their sections, appetizers, easy techniques, CFO is an invaluable guide on your reference desk before going to bed, and serves as a good read. If a proposal quickly treasury operations, GAAP Whether you need commitment, the kidnappers, or advice on how to deal with the CEO safe, you will find answers in this book.
  • Function by the CFO / Controller, function guides you through the basic responsibilities of
  • This is a business environment that serves as a reference book for specific financial matters to small and medium
  • Then you have to deal with administrative matters and behaviors to cope with all CFOs, finance and accounting beyond

What you will learn

You will learn:
  • CFO / Controller to establish best practices for each function
  • Choose a very important role in the survival and growth of the company
  • Develop processes and procedures
  • Organized daily, weekly, monthly and yearly
  • Identify and analyze the information needs
  • Establishment of internal and external working relationships
  • Keep the right side of the law and regulation is still organizing

For whom is this book

CFO Techniques: A Practical Guide to keep the company solvent and successful career in accounting and finance has reached-or nearly-built for high-level professionals. The scope of this organization and responsibilities, which is characterized by large structures working in small and medium enterprises, CFOs, controllers, CFO and vice president only. CFO technique for the first time for the orientation of its functions, and for a while, I'm sure the office is also useful for people who want to do something wrong.


      Input: Line set that you need to succeed, or how?
  1. What is so special about small business?
  2. Titles vs. Job Description
  3. CFO mission and aspirations
  4. They can not afford to neglect the eight ball
  5. The basic requirements of knowledge
  6. Trade policy and financial
  7. Development Procedures and Documentation
  8. Internal controls
  9. The weak link
  10. Budgeting as a control mechanism
  11. Control of trade
  12. Variety of capital sources and nature
  13. Financial resources of the type of job, etc.
  14. Lenders and investors are looking for
  15. Development of financial relations
  16. Essence of the treasury function
  17. Projections of cash flows
  18. Treasury Reports
  19. Receivables and payables management
  20. Cash management services
  21. Need information technology and decisions
  22. Data processing and quality control
  23. Performance analysis and management reports
  24. The importance of segmental analysis
  25. Ad-hoc
  26. Please apply GAAP, FASB, FAS, Find, and SOP
  27. Accounting identity cycles
  28. The most important explanation: Cash Flow
  29. Choose wisely and educate accounts
  30. What is guaranteed checks quick and painless
  31. Insured risks
  32. Business Risks
  33. Tax and Compliance
  34. Strategic Planning
  35. Practical forecasting and scenario modeling
  36. New initiatives
  37. Exit strategies
  38. Human Resource Management
  39. Contracting and Subcontracting
  40. The importance of behavioral assessment

About the Author

Finance and Accounting Guzin Navy career in finance and control positions in companies small and medium enterprises in the past 17 years to 24 years, is at the beginning. O production, global supply chain, electronic commerce, professional services, including asset management and consulting, has worked in public and private sectors. The duties and responsibilities of functional expertise in the sea, the treasure of international mergers and acquisitions, and covers a wide range of everything. He is a master of accounting, including business administration there are many academic honors. He cleverly applied a business model based on a specific vision and believes in the knowledge of the food company.

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