Thursday, 5 April 2012

Managing Innovation from the Land of Ideas and Talent: The 10-Year Story of SAP Labs India

10 years ago, Bangalore, India high-tech atmosphere of the flowering of the city, SAP Labs was founded as a center for early childhood development. SAP AG is now the largest center for R & D and service to find that out of Germany where we choose the most promising for foreign investment recognized as one of the world, India. This unique 10-year history of success in the organization have contributed to the creation of jobs and 4,000 employees in India, SAP Labs, presented today by the two authors have contributed to the rise. 

The authors provide an image with statements from members of the SAP Executive Board for a long time development, innovation and management strategies, the combination of their own personal experiences, and other company employees in this analysis, every detail of facts and reasoning behind the company. Of India for carrying out the development of products distributed worldwide to understand the opportunities and challenges anyone who is interested will find this book a valuable companion.

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