Sunday, 1 April 2012

Branding Basics for Small Business: How to Create an Irresistible Brand on Any Budget

How small business marketing expert Maria Ross of commodities for organizations of all sizes, who enjoy the eye to create a brand, uses real examples to illustrate and communicate with their audiences. Small businesses, start-ups and non-profit with envy "big fish" of loyal tribes, create watch. How do you do? How do organizations with limited resources and time to learn from them? The secret is to start with a strong brand strategy. Make a pretty logo: the promise of basic personality, and their reason for existence. How much money is spent effectively in contact with the brand and its customers, but how everything we clearly and consistently deliver the correct message? To create a strong brand strategy, this book reveals the ten-step process, so that intelligent marketing decisions and inspire customer loyalty, create messages, connecting to earn money with the right customers, partners and employees share a clear vision, and the package to break and grow your business.


Marketing and advertising, brand and logo does not mean that. Your brand promise, experience, interaction, and people have expectations for you. Mary Ross, who understands this and teaches you to think to make this element, - Seth Godin, author of Meatball Sundae and the key

Mary Ross brand of big business, not just for the wealthy clearly reveals that business and consumer companies. This is for your business. The volume of a single reading, which shows how to isolate the package and win. - Marty Neumeier, author and Zag Gap brand

Successful brands have a high and wide open, which makes it so ... successful. Great coverage. And so much inspiration to be true to your values ​​and the need to think big. - Danielle Laporte, author of Gender: design, live by the creator

The social economy of today, all businesses regardless of size is a trademark. They want to control or brand owners of these small businesses to save the need to ask a question for the left. In this book, the marketing people, and only that do not meet the core values ​​of your company will learn to perform its mark before spending valuable resources. If your target audience with your brand, Mindshare, then the point of contact for each customer up to you to tell your story. Your brand logo is more than just one. Thus, the ticket and that's all for a positive ROI. - Lisa Barone, brand manager, an outspoken media

Having worked in thousands of small businesses, people lack a clear brand strategy as we have seen time and energy we waste money and lose yourself in the workplace, by focusing on the reasons. Do not be afraid. Why is it important to create a successful business is a registered investment that Mary has crossed the bar for anyone who has a job, or considering starting a business, I can understand. Do not start without it! - Beth Schoenfeldt, Co-Founder, Collective-E, a contractor, the Agency and the Community


Do not start a business without this book!

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