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Security, Audit and Control Features SAP ERP, 3rd Edition

Security audit and control features SAPAFA, ERP, third edition, the reference room of the technical management and risk insurance adjusters to assess risks and controls, provides security and risk ERP applications, and simplifies updates to the design and construction of the control system and improvements.

The publication is based on SAP ERP, the latest version of SAP ECC 6.0 [also an SAP ERP Central Component (ECC), known as].

Updated to reflect demand for this new edition:
  • New / updated SAP transaction codes and reports
  • SAP ERP is a service-oriented architecture (SOA)-based. SAP ERP, SAP and non SAP systems using the SAP NetWeaver platform integration with an open technology platform combines SOA.
  • Provides tools for corporate governance and risk, including access control and process control and SAP GRC management solutions bathroom


Safety features and control of SAP ERP, third pressure, control of starting a business, particularly of a financial auditor, operational and IT training or risk management, security and compliance for the "must" that the SAP environment. In addition, SAP and other IT professionals and managers responsible for process control experience with SAP is an excellent reference for listeners. New auditor SAP Best Practices SAP, auditing standards and control, have the potential to grow rapidly, although the activity of audit and control of the third edition of "how" through the study and application.

Safety Control and SAP ERP, 3rd there are five main areas within the print control functions:

  • Some High School (Part 1 to 4) resource planning (ERP) and risk management and audit proposed to monitor the SAP ERP database, includes an introduction to basic principles. These sections provide the basis necessary for SAP to any professional supervision.
  •     * Cycle Chapter (Chapter 5-10), SAP revenue, expenditure and activity and control the flow of inventory transactions, including the business cycle, consists of an overview. Risks, controls and detailed testing measures: This section includes the audit questions. Some parts of the knowledge base needed to finance the business cycle and understanding of SAP ERP auditors. Party audit risk, key controls and detailed testing provides an outline of important orientation information.
  • IT control section (section 11 and 12), the management system (SAP Basis administration) is the basis for the technical risk and central control over the SAP information describes the management and control to test the effectiveness of system while any controller can follow. In this chapter, the IT auditor to test how effective basic controls, but also shows how to identify other objects developed for customers who may want proof. SAP production system is not considered part of IT audit IT system patches, updates and improvements, the client used to implement the audit, despite the technical inspection includes information necessary for the performance.
  • The last two chapters (13 and 14) ERP address governance, risk and compliance management, SAP ERP and SAP addresses the verification is concerned about the future of SAP tools and other discussions, is related to control system described. This section is especially true for administrative control of SAP tools, but also one of the tools provided can easily be applied to verification issues.
  • Finally, the traditional safety control and SAP ERP, third printing, control of appendices containing concludes:
  • COBIT is a reference to the detailed audit work and verification measures and program tasks
  • Three business cycles and internal control questionnaire for basic
  • Proposed to be locked and the tables of SAP transactions will be recorded and comments

Accordingly, the third pressure control SAP control, or security risk to professional reading is necessary. For many, this book is to guide them in their daily tasks of SAP ERP, reference will be well worn. For others, it remains one time or from time to time to develop a basic understanding of SAP ERP will be read. Presentation of the third edition of previous versions of SAP ERP was based on applications of control and inspection. This text is essential to any verification library SAP ERP or control department.

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