Saturday, 28 April 2012

SAP Security: SAP Security Essentials

SAP security and control concepts with examples of step 75 + Security Essentials, FAQ, and some of the most difficult step is the main guideline for SAP security and control that is open to learning can be difficult. SAP Security Essentials SAP users, consultants and managers is a direct response to the need for applications of information security. The default passwords, authorization profiles, SAP Security Essentials koyacagız.Kitap you need to know to understand the right way, every security consultant must submit a collection of references. 

More than a bunch of SAP documents and sales presentations too, all questions of the project, based on knowledge and experience of some successful implementations of large-scale SAP. Includes SAP Security Essentials. Find combinations of critical control. Authentication, transaction log and passwords. Roles, profiles and user management. ITAR, DCAA, DMCA and audit requirements are most important to know the security settings. Set safety tips and FAQ. SAP authorization concept.

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