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Past and Future of Information Systems

As a starting point as an independent discipline of information systems based on the status of recent discussions, combined with many of the pioneers of Drawings past and future information systems, research and debate give their views points of view. This paper reviews the past 30 years, reflecting the availability of these would be of great interest to anyone working in the field of IO, research, and look to the future.
  • Written by the pioneers of the community "guru" world's research, which became
  • Growth in a historical perspective on research and future developments, offers a look at the SI
  • A which provides a wide variety of topics of research and


Future opportunities for research on information systems with an interesting comment on the last 30 years,

About the Author

Kim Viborg Andersen [KVA], Professor, Ph.D., a researcher at the organization and IT policy. Economic models, EIA / BIS, the network of health data, EDI, e-commerce, mobile applications, particularly in the public sector: SDI research covers a wide variety of applications.
Datanetworking published books and EDI in the public sector (Kluwer, 1998), public administration and information systems (IOS Press, 1995) e-business approaches Interdisciplinary (Kluwer, 2003), including past and Future of Information Systems (Elsevier, 2004) and Information Systems (Kluwer, 2004) and the Information Society journals using various additives, such as public sector restructuring process, European Journal of Systems Information, Computing and Communication Journal of Social Sciences, Information and society.

KVA e-business publisher of a number of interdisciplinary and IFIP Working Group 8.4 (i.e. Journal of Research of e-government and CBS Corporation, vice president of e-government that founders of AIS information and communication), and international committees in the conference program.

These policy settings are the Copenhagen Business School Information Technology Research Centre (CIPS) director. University of California at Irvine KVA (1991-1993), University of Tokyo (1996-7) and the University of Örebro, Sweden (2003) was a visiting scholar.
+45-3815-2400 Fax: +45-3815-2401 Phone 2000 Frederiksberg - Copenhagen Business School KVA, Computing, 60 Howitzvej, and DK can be contacted. E-mail: URL: ~ Andersen

Assistant professor, department head, Morten T. Sell, Ph.D. Research areas include: IT-entrepreneurship, software reuse, information networks and information sharing, organizational learning and adaptation, and economic sociology and reputation. We worked in Denmark and the United States for nearly 10 years of management and organization of software companies. Over the years he has frequent visits to Silicon Valley, for example, in 1998, was a Fulbright scholar at Stanford University. His research, technology management and management and organization, and held a number of volumes published in journals such as Journal of International Studies, took part in international conferences.

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