Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Inside Web Dynpro for Java

Java (UI) technology, the new SAP Web Dynpro user interface, this unique book teaches readers how the power - a good "drag and drop" takes you beyond. Detail the basic concepts of Web Dynpro, including the MVC design pattern; we'll start with an introduction, the overall architecture, event management, and the stage model. Then, things to do and not do with a volume of practical information on the Web Dynpro programming, receive expert advice on creating your own Web Dynpro applications. 

The authors name a few, on the use of dynamic programming techniques of adaptive RFC layer and provide detailed sections. This extraordinary book is a thorough reference class and other existing objects, an interface specifically designed to help readers in their efforts to change pilots, and extended thereafter. Important features are: dynamic Web Dynpro user interface, common interface model, class and adaptation interface layer reference model RFC Web Dynpro coding phase of the principles of the general architecture of the next generation

About the Author

Chris Whealy change systems and RV and RF modules for installation in ABAP SAP R / 2 in 1993 began working. Installation, upgrades, and began working in the field of system administration of the database version of SAP R / 3 versions 2.0. This work has been associated with the work being ABAP. In collaboration with the United Kingdom in May 1995, SAP, Chris has always been in and out of an interest in custom interfaces, in 1996, has begun to focus on based interfaces so that the boom of the Internet began to put the server R / 3, R / 3 SAP Internet Transaction using the browser. 

A grown and matured since the end of 2002 turned to the Web Dynpro; Chris has worked with SAP Web technology. In the Web Dynpro development team, Chris Walldorf, internal operations, and documentation of new technologies closely with learning and has spent much of 2003. In October 2003, a major international tax and audit firm that Chris is a great Web Dynpro subsidiary of the United Kingdom began working as a technical consultant was able to put their knowledge to implement.

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