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Excel Dashboards and Reports (Mr. Spreadsheet's Bookshelf)

Better use of data sources, reports and Excel dashboards to go to conceptualize

Many Excel books that can be used to create a variety of features and adequate discussion of the vehicle for doing business "Excel Report". What is this and not offer the most effective way for data presentation. Offering a comprehensive review of technical and analytical concepts, Excel reports and dashboards using Excel with simple tables full of dull numbers, to go to important information to assist in the presentation of both visual and data communication in the background, key management admire the use of high-impact reports and dashboards.
  • In a sense, how to analyze a large amount of data and display the results of the report details
  • Improved visibility of data and how to reduce the data points at different points of view how to use different views to reach
  • Unnecessary information and how to automate the analysis shows

Technical, analytical part of the guide of the guide, the newest member of a series of Excel spreadsheets and reports, and Mr. Conservation of the table easy to create a panel indicates the main source of learning format use both visually appealing and effective.

Back cover

Become an expert on board

Boards need to convert data into a significant amount of a subject, it was impossible. Dashboards are key measures of interest for a particular purpose, or in the business process provides at-a-glance view. Thank you to the power and flexibility of Microsoft Excel is an ideal platform for creating panels.

This guide, know-how, high-impact, both visually and in the background, management reports and dashboards to create fans, with simple tables full of dull numbers, to go to provide the data communication art. Excel table structures can become a guru of rapid organizational dashboard, filters and formulas, if you're familiar with the use of the concepts of data analysis and experience.

In other words, the table will show you, sir:
  • Extensive data analysis and report is a useful
  • Quickly at the time of data cut into different points of view
  • Unnecessary information and analysis to automate processes
  • Create eye-catching views
  • Create impressive dashboards and What-if analysis


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