Saturday, 21 April 2012

Oracle 11g Streams Implementer's Guide

In this book, theoretical explanations and practical examples, using familiar Oracle demonstration programs, a tutorial that explains step by step brings both. Step by step examples using Enterprise Manager and sqlplus command line interface are available. Authors Oracle support, training and education, we can combine the experience of working with clients, the Oracle of confusion and misunderstanding, the most common areas where users specify the board Oracle Streams. This book highlights these areas and to ensure clarity and focus for the reader to understand. 

This book is about the implementation of the Oracle Streams replication environment with a distributed database implemented or in-service for users. Oracle database technology should have an intermediate knowledge of the reader. Architects of the flow of Oracle, the database system responsible for the design environments and application to distributed databases with Oracle Streams administrators and Oracle databases responsible for maintaining: This book is designed to be used as a base. Readers with limited knowledge of the Oracle database based on Oracle Streams technology, components and design considerations, covering 1 and 2 benefit from the ministries.

About the Author

Ann McKinnell

Ann McKinnell, LLC is currently a Senior Consultant Main APG Technologies and Oracle 7.3.4 has been since the OCP. He specializes in replication and distributed systems technologies, Oracle world, with 8 years as a senior member of technical support came from the SGA. He earns the nicknames for internal systems of an Oracle distributed world-renowned expert technique, has become "the Goddess of replication." Ann and troubleshooting techniques, advanced replication, and distributed systems in many countries in the inner workings of Oracle support staff provided training and consulting. He wrote the Oracle Advanced Replication and Oracle Metalink note of many writers in the driver Stearns University and Oracle databases, Oracle 9i course material, technical advisor to the replication different was found, and manuals and user management. Ann Oracle databases and the software architecture and database design and database integration strategies for practical application and continues to specialize in the development of distributed systems.

Eric Yen

Yen, Eric began working with version 7.3.4 of Oracle databases. Over the next 14 years, since version 8 was certified Oracle DBA and stick to the version date, and also the (ISC) 2 CISSP certification earned. He started working with Oracle Streams with Oracle Streams 9i beta. Upper Technologies Principal Consultant CPA, LLC, the work of Eric with new versions of Oracle Streams 10 and 11 for existing customers, developing solutions, and involves the application of government. His little free time, you can find Eric exercise and play around with Oracle products.

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