Wednesday, 4 April 2012

SAP BW Data Modeling

This book, the SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW) provides a basis for storing data successfully. The concept of data warehousing and SAP BW architecture, starting with modeling advice and data, will benefit all the most critical aspects of the instructions step by step.

Data modeling and management of master data and transactional data efficiently learn how to set up. Highly detailed sample scenario to clarify these complex procedure kullanılır.Uc main themes: InfoObjects and InfoProviders and SAP Business Content - introduced sequentially and in detail with examples gosterilmistir. Kitap, options, features and explains the key to any length. Finally, it adds a robust service to provide additional support and a comprehensive glossary is provided by SAP BW. SAP BW 3.5, all information provided is valid, but still very valuable for users of earlier versions.

Features of SAP BW Data Modeling:
  • Description of components
  • Storage Concepts: DWH Architecture, OLAP design, data records, and star schema over-dimensional
  • Introduction to Data Modeling
  • SAP BW: InfoObjects InfoAreas and InfoObject Catalogs and SAP Business Content to create their own, and more
  • SAP BW InfoProviders: InfoCubes, ODS objects, InfoObjects, and more MultiProviders
  • SAP Business Content: Elements, use, problems and solutions
  • These detailed scenarios
  • Appendices: SAP BW Glossary, Transaction Codes, metadata tables, sample models, data models, and more

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