Monday, 30 April 2012

SAP Authorization System: Design and Implementation of Authorization concepts for SAP R/3 and SAP Enterprise Portals

This practical guide to all important aspects of SAP Authorization management, as well as some details necessary organizational structures, and provides an introduction to the techniques and tools. Enjoy the notion of a model of the phase of the manufacturing process of the notion of an authorization to implement the measures required for the design and tried to help you navigate through all stages of deployment lead, and phase nihayetizleme. In addition, rapid Builder SAP R / 3 profiles can learn to configure authorization.

This book is the SAP Enterprise Portal and SAP R / 3 SAP authorization concepts of standards and infrastructure to provide a framework for developing and supporting in-depth coverage provides special security requirements.

Features of SAP Authorization System:
  • Special features of SAP authorization system
  • The basic principles of the SAP authorization concept
  • Internal Control System (ICS)
  • The best methods for the design phase
  • Best practices for the production phase
  • Proof of authorization concepts
  • Control Information System (AIS)
  • SAP Enterprise Portal: components, access control and management, integration, and more
About the Author

In this book, IBM Business Consulting Services GmbH yazılmıştır.Yazarlar by a team of highly experienced SAP consultants in the implementation of the SAP authorization concept, especially the many years of experience with SAP technology developed their own information.

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