Sunday, 29 April 2012

Security and Data Protection for SAP Systems

This book is a comprehensive overview of security functions in SAP products and offers the wide use of these functions as part of security policy. Based on these security functions that SAP systems also discusses the general principles of data protection and application. This is an open face of the growing importance of media in the Internet and the integration of SAP systems, we hope our readers. From beginning to offer a fascinating subject, the authors knew that the book calls to a diverse audience with these operating systems and databases, and intimate familiarity with a broad knowledge of SAP is composed of experts with both. In addition, the tools needed to meet with them on the possibility of his family without the security and data protection experts from SAP products offer comprehensive information.

From Back Cover

SAP more closely integrated with the Internet grows, the open systems environment, effective use of SAP security and data protection functions has become a focus of attention of companies. SAP systems and security and data protection across the enterprise security policy and their place provides a comprehensive overview of the security features of SAP. The, SAP Business Warehouse and R / 3 with the general principles of data protection and application of these hedges.

Written by two experts leading security from SAP and practical course, focusing on the security of SAP systems and data protection best practices in this vital area is a guide only.

Contains the contents of:
  • The basic principles of corporate security
  • Security and Landscape SAP systems
  • - security and data protection on the Internet
  • The basic principles and objectives of data protection
  • Data protection and the right
  • The role of the agent data protection
  • A special role to the administrator
  • Remote Assistance 
  • Data protection and SAP Business Information Warehouse

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