Saturday, 7 April 2012

Balanced Scorecards and Operational Dashboards with Microsoft Excel

Indicator boards on the status of a business process and operational indicators set both the high demand for property is very large organizations created in Excel, balanced scorecards, to monitor operations and tactics. This book, balanced scorecards, operational dashboards, performance management and focus on combining the benefits of data visualization and implement them in Microsoft Excel, the first serves as a guide.


"This topic is successfully performed by means of an organization's strategy is a guide to create a competitive advantage and how to speed up performance." (Accountancy Ireland, October 2010)

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Create scorecards and operational dashboards that drive success

BalancedScorecards organizations translate strategy into action, to clarify their strategy and help execute a successful strategy. Operational dashboards are needed for monitoring and performance management.

This book is for those who want to implement this activity, and a guide to define performance tools: executive sponsors, operational managers, assistants and guides Excel. Step, dashboards and performance of strategic and operational execution based on years of experience in how to help you develop operational guidance, step by these methods.
  • Enter a statement outlining the vision of a strategic objective
  • Strategic objectives and creating a strategy map that shows the causal relationships successfully
  • Business processes to identify leverage points with the greatest impact
  • Measure the success and unity "critical" identified several indicators
  • Acceptance action plans and tactical plans for implementation
  • Table panels and dynamic panels with features to create an impressive in Excel
  • Create a powerful graphics and analysis of companies that will help you decide
  • Scorecards develop a safe and easy to carry to protect and balanced

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