Tuesday, 17 April 2012

SAP Business Connector - Applications and Development

The developers have more practical examples and scenarios in this exceptional new technical reference guide, using the SAP Business Connector (BC) functions, you can get a detailed view.

Since the early stages of system management, connection and R / 3 systems monitor one or more, the rapid development in the field of movement edecektir.Kutu solutions (eg, BAPI calls via XML, etc.) and transformations, and how their special programming services (integrated functions in British Columbia packets) Learn how to apply. Examples and solutions provided by small changes, designed for immediate use. Source coding with general notes on the tables and images flow, the text concludes. Furthermore, based communication IDoc, and more to learn.

Features of SAP Business Connector - Applications and Development:
  • Management of CA
  • Technical Functionality
  • R / 3 of the link
  • Monitoring
  • BAPIs and XML
  • Call the function blocks
  • The creation of input channels and output communication
  • BC Services
  • Services included Description
  • The service activation
  • The development of personalized services
  • IDocs
  • Conversion (for example, an XML IDOC)
  • The lines of communication (eg, FTP, e-mail)

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