Thursday, 5 April 2012

SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management

This book is a description of usage scenarios with SAP NetWeaver MDM structure and system architects, administrators, and provides IT managers.

Consolidation, compliance and data management center to give a view of the practical use of three real-world examples. In addition, business practices related to the management database to integrate the best MDM and Enterprise SOA concepts and requirements, you can discover.

Totally - an entire chapter is divided into explaining the technical details. Furthermore, the only parts of more than 130 pages, data extraction from SAP systems, SAP XI, SAP NetWeaver BI is all about options for integration with the most pressing issues complete with detailed answers, and SAP portal dedicated to a summary of the MDGs (including user management) as well as workflow and Java APIs.

SAP NetWeaver MDM 5.5 days based on the book, but also a valuable tool for people using previous versions.

Features of SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management:
  • Overview of MDM
  • Companies, Master Data Management: Concepts and Requirements
  • MDM as part of Service-Oriented Architecture: SOA is an enterprise MDM as a central element
  • Example scenarios are: marketing, identity management, mergers and acquisitions data synchronization
  • Technical details: MDM components, data extraction, integration, workflow, Java API

About the Author

Loren Heilig IBSolution GmbH founder and CEO, SAP MDM, as well as in the field of SAP NetWeaver Portal and BI Expertise Partner is a service provider. SAP is a senior business consultant Steffen Karch. His work focuses on strategic consulting with particular emphasis on the integration of ICT. He has extensive experience working with all authors of SAP MDM.

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