Monday, 2 April 2012

Crystal Reports: A Beginner's Guide

Use of this introductory guide to create a quality presentation of information - even if you are a beginner. If you start working with this tool for analyzing data and format data, generate reports, create reports based on the web, and find all the information you need to learn more.

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Beginning of the precision and ease using Crystal Reports and create winning reports and documents. Clarity and precision at their own pace with this learning resource contains all the basic information and is ideal for new users of Crystal Reports. You can develop and design reports, use maps and charts, organizing, analyzing and reporting data, and will be more to learn. Many labs and projects to help demonstrate the concepts it contains everything along the way. This step by step guide to help learn how to use the guidelines for reporting tools and analysis.

Start Guide is designed to facilitate learning:
  1. Modules ideal for individual learning of each concept of logical modules (chapters) divided
  2. Objectives - At the end of each module, the module will be launched with specific skills
  3. Ask the Experts - Q & A sections throughout are filled with interesting information and comments
  4. 1-minute drills - quick self-assessment sections check your progress
  5. Exercises in each module show how to apply what they learn by projects encoding
  6. Master controls - short answer, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank questions with a simple coding knowledge to the test module and the end of Comments

About the Author

David McAmis (Surry Hills, Australia, New South Wales), a computer consultant, journalist and author. Work computer magazines and journals, and contributes regularly to: Access-Office-VB Advisor, Advisor Expert: Exchange and Outlook, Component Advisor, Developer, E-Business Advisor, the consideration of business development, the magazine Exchange / Outlook,, Intranet Design Magazine, anger, and Visual Basic Programmer's Journal. McAmis C3 Consulting, a Sydney-based large-scale implementation of ERP systems, business intelligence solutions for a consulting company working as a computer consultant. Prior to joining C3, McAmis Services Manager, Education Consulting and Pacific brilliant service, worked as a provider of consulting services. In addition, the vice president BridgeBuilder Company, made a software training and consulting in North America. He is a lecturer and expert in the field of business intelligence.

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