Wednesday, 18 April 2012

SAP CRM Middleware Optimization Guide

Now proactively avoid administration problems with CRM Middleware - they are based on extensive experience with SAP Active Global Support, even the full implementation of the entire book losses or system crashes, get. You basic data processing Middleware (input processing, validation, output processing) be made??To learn and make recommendations to resolve specific problems. In addition, middleware, and the gel was held on how to manage a system on how to prevent accidents and practical training will discover a wide range of setting options for all critical components.

Based on CRM version 5.0, this book is also very useful for those working with the previous version 4.0. In addition, where possible, or so the authors provide an overview of version 6.0.

Features of SAP CRM Middleware Optimization Guide:
  • Processing and verification of entry
  • Output processing
  • Modeling and storage BDOC
  • Integration with Groupware
  • Our own stock market data
  • Replication and re-release
  • XML
  • Reorganization Middleware
  • Mass changes
  • Plans to analyze Middleware

About the Author

Juliane, Stephan Bode ¶ der Goltz and Thomas Schröder information for CRM is a member of the SAP Active Global Support Center. Among other things, on-site and remote support for customers who are responsible for critical projects. Collected annually to support the different versions of the SAP CRM based on this book is an invaluable experience.

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