Thursday, 26 April 2012

Professional VB SAP R/3 Programming

This book, new tools and technologies, including SAP offers SAP foundations. SAP R / 3 business objects, and implementation of SAP BAPI applied, and a guide frame is displayed. SAP R / 3 central elements of the binder component of the automation equipment DCOM programming as proxies, VB DCOM object and a component of the binder used to generate work in the different functions of the SAP is used for breeding. SAP R / 3 Navigation of a Business Object Repository, paper SAP R / 3 code includes operations are the samples of input and output. How this book with a new extensibility tools, Visual Basic, combine the existing tools will show you, so that the company SAP R / 3 programming environment based on non-SAP can develop powerful applications. Review

For distributed enterprise computing has been used in the SAP R / 3 have an enviable reputation for power and an important challenge. New tools new in Visual Basic (VB) allow developers to work with SAP. Professional Visual Basic SAP R / 3 Programming SAP R / 3 in the world, and the development of SAP first facing the world, some useful techniques for Windows programmers provide useful guidance.

SAP R / 3 while most of the largest companies in the world, most VB programmers probably only heard about it. (Based on SAP software, high cost, and Windows, including the relative lack of information and education tools, there are several reasons for this.) The first reason to read this book, how SAP R / 3 to get an idea and how it works. To this end, we have this book in Windows platform (based on SAP Assistant 3.0 and a new browser, such as DCOM component connector) is filled with screen shots for SAP tools last offer. The new SAP functionality within Windows to search for SAP tools allow programmers to VB provides several control (OCX).

VB SAP programmer to suck rule of thumb is to look at the world of SAP business objects and VB API calls. Here are some examples, the author will be easier to work with (and begin the meeting by calling the BAPI execution to load data into a table, for example) with SAP, SAP provides a custom code that meets the functionality of controls. This book is the use of SAP and business development, heritage, closer to the facts show world is perfect for specific advice.

There is no doubt that this book exploits collectively, the reader of SAP R / 3 information. However, the potential VB SAP R / 3 developer or administrator to deal with the integration of SAP with the old system, this book is certainly important and useful to complicate this jump, knowledge and strategy fills. - Richard Dragan

Topics include: Introduction to SAP R / 3 business objects and components Proxy, BAPIs (parameters and values??to help), calls RFC (Remote Function), Microsoft COM and Visual Basic, integration with SAP in the toolbox to automate SAP check SAP Logon, SAP BAPI Control The control panel plant SAP, ADO, SAP Assistant 3.0 (meta data repository and the code generator), SAP R / 3 Service Business Object Repository, connecting elements DCOM (DCOM CC): Visual Basic, constructive management concepts and functionality.


A new agreement between Microsoft and SAP R / 3 provides the familiar environment of Microsoft Visual Studio. Recently developed a free download of SAP, SAP R / 3 applications to extend and integrate existing tools and Microsoft Visual Basic was used as a set of ActiveX controls designed for use with. Microsoft Visual Basic as a language to implement this new technology is promoted by SAP.

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