Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The New Era of Enterprise Business Intelligence: Using Analytics to Achieve a Global Competitive Advantage

A comprehensive program to maximize the value of business intelligence enterprise

In a typical business intelligence (BI) and its impact on many aspects of the organization, but the real business value of BI recognizes the enormous potential of the potential is not easy to convert. Enterprise Business Intelligence, New Age, the senior expert Mike beer BI and infrastructure to create winning strategies, offers a comprehensive and systematic in order to maximize the value of information in the company.

This independent lists of products of manual control, and all high-level IT manager, planner, strategist, executor, and business users with the start to finish for them, provides practical advice. Based on thousands of hours working with corporate clients, the decision makers of beer today the platform and end BI suite of tools, including an unprecedented number of options that you help you choose. This provides a convenient "trenches," Segmentation and support for users to work with unstructured data, you see a wide spectrum of planning and implementation.

Included in the coverage
  • The scope of BI solutions, today how to understand and adapt existing infrastructure
  • New options such as SaaS and cloud computing technologies assessment,
  • Using technology and other projects "murderers" avoid
  • Develop effective inquiries and requests for proposals, and proof of concept
  • Creation of centers of excellence for skills development and planning
  • Develop a better experience for all professional users
  • Including performance management, to support the needs of senior
  • BI solutions, cost justification, and measure success
  • Work with the management of enterprise content text analysis, and research
  • Portals, mashups and other user interfaces, planning and construction
  • Overview of the future of BI

About the Author

32 years experience in the IT industry, Mike has beer. It is a systems engineer at IBM in 1978 and began working in large systems, but the initiative for exchange of information began in 1981, Business Intelligence has found his calling. He worked in the fields of IT and database from end users.

O, the Global Marketing Solutions Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence BI specialist Technical Sales Manager, IBM has made in a variety of roles. Mike Ferguson, vice president of information systems has been 90 years, and was built in a BI application. Cognos has worked 2003-2007 as Director of Product Management, responsible for IBM Cognos initiatives.

Mike returned to IBM in 2007 as a resource to support the world on System z Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Senior Marketing Manager with a prime location.

Also co-author of another book called the intelligence is not new for IBM,: O company (978-0-13-141303-0 IBM Press (2003), ISBN), and wrote a book on BI Business Intelligence Smarter Planet right (MC Press (2009), ISBN: 978-1-58347-086-2). Mike has also written articles for numerous magazines and white papers. Mike in Cincinnati, Ohio, is married with a grown son and a daughter, and their lives. O Julian, Noah, Elijah, Chris, Nick and Leilani are very proud grandfather. BI also play guitar in a rock band called Beyond Retro at this rate is a passion.

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