Sunday, 20 May 2012

SAP FI | Transitioning to IFRS in SAP ERP Financials

This book is for the conversion to IFRS for the preparation of their own SAP ERP Financials  (SAP FI) provides a roadmap and capital projects of conversion. The scope of the transition process in detail a petrochemical company, a U.S. GAAP / IFRS in the deltas of view and how they are mapped to the SAP ERP Financials, and includes a draft IFRS large real-world advice. Financial professionals, administrators, technicians, project managers and consultants to promote their own projects or update scenarios to improve IFRS, but you will appreciate this concise guide.

Delta division of U.S. GAAP and IFRS
How to learn IFRS U.S. GAAP deltas organization and assets, including revenue recognition and consolidation work, the level assigned to encode the SAP ERP Financials.

Case study of IFRS in the real world
A large company, after a thorough study of a multinational petrochemical IFRS Get tips on transforming the real world.

The business plan, program and project phases
Roadmap, project staff, and difficulties, including the construction, evaluation, implementation, to understand the full cycle of implementation of the project.

Map of the functionality of SAP ERP Financials
SAP General Ledger, consolidation and IFRS standards, including XBRL tools, maps, features Learn how SAP ERP Financials.

IFRS Financial Accounting Configuration
Country code and the SAP ERP Financials global effects of IFRS reporting parameters money.

Features of Transitioning to IFRS in SAP ERP Financials:
  • Calendar of IFRS conversion 
  • U.S. GAAP and IFRS deltas 
  • The mapping functionality of SAP ERP Financials
  • Project planning and implementation 
  • Case Study in the real world 
  • SAP General Ledger Migration 
  • Merge and other tools
About the Author

Paul Theobald IFRS SAP customers in North and South America, the General Accounting, and transition services in SAP consulting CapeGlobal, the owner. He emigrated in the SAP general ledger, a successful author and has participated in the project since 2005 the transition to IFRS.

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