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SAP Security | Security Patterns: Integrating Security and Systems Engineering (Wiley Software Patterns Series)

Most security books for engineers and security specialists. How to integrate security into the software a few times. No degradation of the different concerns about different system-level security: the company, the architectural and operational layers. Safety reasons in general, to show how integrate security into the engineering process using best practices solutions, meets all of the safety system design.
  • Designers generally the best practical solutions to security problems if you want to build large-scale system is essential 
  • The case studies show the world how a domain specific patterns
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International security experts, to explain the full spectrum of design security system

Security can be a difficult area, but this should not be that way. Time constraints may prevent the system engineers to become experts in security, but it is essential to protect systems against attacks. With the growing success of Internet, computer systems and software have become more networks. Patterns written from the heart of society, the authors discuss key issues and clearly show how to secure systems offer proven solutions.

Systems of risk is constant, at a time is essential to arm yourself with knowledge of various security measures. Society, architectural and operational layers: This title analyzes the pioneer of different security level of the system. Acts as an extension of the context of large companies, and general engineering shows how to integrate security into the process.

Key security issues:

Level of corporate security - security management, policies, institutional policies (such as the need to know) and work (confidentiality, integrity, availability requirements of accountability, including I & A control access and audit.)

The security architecture level - the level of response to company policy solutions at the system level - and most important level to facilitate the building security into a system.

User-level security - security operational environments to achieve

About the Author

  • Markus Schumacher, SAP AG, Germany, 
  • Eduardo Fernández-Buglione, Florida Atlantic University, USA 
  • Duane Hybertson, MITRE, the U.S. Corps, 
  • Frank Buschmann, Siemens AG, Germbany, 
  • Peter Sommerlad, Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil, Germany

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