Wednesday, 23 May 2012

SAP FI | SAP Business One: Simple but Powerful

"SAP Business One" theoretical, but also for small businesses, SMEs and subsidiaries as well as practical training for effective use of SAP Business One is saglar. Modeling running applications only real example. It begins by placing the new family member SAP, SAP Business One offers a compact appearance. It focuses primarily on process modeling industry through two specific examples.

About the Author

Master of Business Engineering Senior SAP Consultant Thomas Teufel IT industry for 7 years with 15-year history, SAP software teufel director Monika EA Master Pan IT manager Viet Nguyen-selling author of a variety of management related to automotive electronics and automation. The large complex, strategic IT projects, implementation and control of a global player with a proven track record, with experience in capacity planning, the European IT services and IT restructuring to remove the gold medal . Roland Heun 15 years of experience in project business development, marketing and IT IT, a leader in the field of product management at SAP Business One

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  1. It provides theoretical and practical instruction for the efficient use of SAP Business One.

    Carla @ Small Business CRM