Thursday, 3 May 2012

SAP Security | How to Cheat at Managing Information Security

This is a nascent security manager needs to know of any single book that covers all questions! This book is the office environment, or corporate networks, shopping center, is written for managers responsible for computer security services.

These people do not need to know the last bit and byte, but you must have a solid understanding of all major issues, computer security, manage their departments effectively. Technical and safety practices and products, provides basic information about the technical details of most real products, just theory - this book, security, designed to cover both civil foundations.

Director of Information Security, written by an information security known to work, this book gives all the necessary information to the manager. Designing the organizational structure of the new security agency. Develop and implement policies and strategies. Ways jargon filled meetings. Understanding e-commerce and design flaws infrastructure DMZ
  • A clearly defined organizational guidelines is a new security organization, how to design and implement policies and strategies
  • Navigating the jargon of meetings with your hands to help such a 
  • Understand e-commerce and DMZ infrastructure can provide information on design errors;

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