Monday, 28 May 2012

CFO as Business Integrator

"I think we leave in our ability to fund large integrators. Bridge that connects the organization today with a vision for tomorrow." Steve Davis, vice president of derivatives trading, Exxon Mobile Corporation

Simplicity to complexity - and that's where the world financial manager of the company who is responsible for today. Driven by globalization and new technology, financial scandals of recent years and the role of the CFO is changing, the turnover for the integrator interpreter.

CFO will face the requirements of what is now - and in the future?
  • Judging an integration tools across the enterprise
  • Technology investments to extract the ROI
  • Streamline the process of financial reconciliation
  • Improved analysis and decision support
  • Management of external resources and external alliances
  • Reports rigorous and transparent
CFO as Business Integrator addresses these challenges and more. This sharing of information in real time, decision support and real globalization to exploit sophisticated remodeling in time for the finance function provides advice and solutions practice. CFO books, interviews, original research, case studies and funding initiatives by adding a dynamic, includes action plans for creating value.

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"This investment in our culture, first, processes, data, and has nothing to do with technology integration. Our people and share and communicate critical to combine. "Phil Bentley, chief financial officer, DOWNTOWN

"We built around the structured database of brands in the world of our knowledge, information, ideas, consumer decision support ... What we need now is an extraordinary, we want to share ... We need an environment that fosters growth analysis does not just reduce costs. "Gary Fayard, Coca Cola Company CFO

"This sector is the ability to execute that separates success. This is coupled with our existing infrastructure, our competitive advantage. Increasingly, we are asked to create global solutions." Jim Daley, chief financial officer of EDS

"Our motto is Finance. Superior driving performance excellence and is fully functional, standards of conduct and develop key performance indicators for risk management and decision support what is, to finance more proactive in our own priorities development, we can play a role?.? Holistic approach to business. "Wolfgang Reichenberger, the chief financial officer, NESTLE

Business functions, alliance partners and across borders - Today, the proactive role of CFO impressive sources of these resources to understand and use electronic commerce to create an integrated global company, moved to- beyond geography. CFO as Business Integrator, the benefits of integrating new technologies, practical, results-based guidance and leadership of the procurement program funds the chain around a vision to shape a new managed service, and analysis and advanced decision support.

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