Wednesday, 16 May 2012

SAP FI | SAP® HANA for ERP Financials (First Steps)

SAP® HANA for ERP Financials (First Steps) Description

Online transactions, or if the ratings in question, since the invention of information technology is fast becoming a critical success factor. Systems R / 2 and R / 3 were the first to process data in real time. Increased volume of data today, reports are still required to process the data in the background, the main reason for working hard.

The latest database technologies, "one of the tools of analytical high performance" (Hana) and SAP FI, the market database, trying revolution and stunning acceleration relations, business processes are changing.

This book provides an introduction and compact responsible for:
  • Understand the basics of SAP HANA
  • Determine the potential of this technology
  • Review the SAP Hana Finance
A decision was made Walldorf - SAP HANA database memory special and new is the future of the SAP solution portfolio. Ulrich from Germany, an expert in SAP Schlueter directly identifies and highlights the present and the future, structured and easy to understand correctly.

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