Tuesday, 29 May 2012


SAP ERP HCM, or depth, comprehensive guide will give you a complete picture of what SAP ERP HCM SAP, even if you are completely new. Should be taken to implement a policy maker, consultant, or how it works, you are an administrator, you will learn about the basic function and how it can benefit the company. The benefits of hiring from management and payroll are explained using real examples and case studies.

Discover what SAP ERP HCM
Subjects, to create a solid understanding of key terms and important functions challenge helpful tips, you will find concise information bulletins.

See how it works
Discover the features of HCM and how it works, how you can help manage human resources processes.

Learn real-world scenarios
See how SAP ERP HCM, using a variety of practical examples and case studies.

Go to your taste
Go directly to the section that interests you, or read from cover to cover. Use the dictionary to broaden their understanding of the SAP terminology.

Features of Discover SAP ERP HCM:
  • Recruitment 
  • Talent Management 
  • Employee Management 
  • Corporate Governance 
  • Learning Management 
  • Global Employee Management 
  • Time and Attendance 
  • The process of human capital management and forms
About the Author

Greg Newman, who graduated from the Department of Human Resources Management since 1999, working in the field of SAP ERP HCM. He specializes in SAP ERP HCM Payroll is an independent contractor, has implemented the key components at the same time. Also provided support for all components of the current Ho Chi Minh SAP for their clients and managed projects for clients with HCM. Bulletin HRExpert currently a member of an editorial team and published numerous articles.


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