Sunday, 13 May 2012

SAP IDES | Web Programming with the SAP Web Application Server

This book is the most anticipated reference for understanding and SAP Web Application Server Web applications (Business Server Pages, or BSP) (Web AS) is required for those wishing to become very proficient with the development. First, the Internet is necessary to integrate these components with deep expertise on the SAP Web AS in depth to the speed-oriented architecture: The Internet Communication Framework (ICF) and Internet Communication Manager ( ICM) and the SAP J2EE engine. Later, a detailed introduction to BSP development (components, event handlers, and the MVC design pattern) to benefit immediately from the base. In addition, HTML, JavaScript, discover the secrets of web standards such as HTTP and XML.

This unique book also contains a detailed presentation of the switching means for individual development, i.e., the object browser, the Web Application Builder, WebDAV interface, and the repository of online text (OTR) yields . Finally, he provided comprehensive and practical examples of how using a fully functional, you will learn step by step to develop a web application.

Are as follows:
  • Architecture of SAP Web AS
  • ICM, ICF, and SAP J2EE Engine
  • The Basic Web languages And standards
  • Components and BSP event handlers
  • Model MVC
  • Object Navigator and Web Application Builder
  • Overview of classes and interfaces
  • Fully functional examples
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About the Author

Frederic Heinemann and Christian Rau, technology consultants, and in Rüsselsheim, Germany and international developers working Novasoft AG. First, as SAP Web Application Server and SAP Enterprise Portal is devoted to new technologies.

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