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SAP FI | Configuring SAP ERP Financials and Controlling

Configuring SAP ERP Financials and Controlling Description

Planning for SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource) is the worldwide leader in software modules, SAP FI (Financial) and CO (Controlling), which is by far the. Most popular and most widely applied? This book has no competition? This is the only book on the market on how to implement, configure, and SAP? S FI and CO modules to increase functionality and features of your hands, detailed instructions, real-world examples and step in to provide immediate solutions and practices. Upgrading to SAP ECC? S 6.0, the institutional structure of the book of FI, general ledger, substitutions and validations, automatic account assignments, accounts payable and receivable, asset accounting, construction of the engine, closing entries, credit management, covers the safe, the company, the profitability analysis (CO-PA), and the CO structure.

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FI and CO modules to enhance the implementation of ERP customization

Finance (FI) and control modules (CO), SAP ERP is the backbone of any application. Configuring SAP ERP and financial control of the two most popular SAP modules to meet your business needs, configure, and show you how to deploy the book unique.

This practice, commonly used by-step instructions found in SAP ECC 6.0-FI and CO and practice for real-world examples, provides step. You are your own accounting, finance, planning, and customize the system to meet the information needs so that you will be able to apply what they learned. In addition, we apply the SAP in the package will be able to learn other skill areas of operation.
  • Joined the procurement of vendor-generated ads in accounts payable 
  • Offers its customers accounts receivable due to any document sales activity
  • Please provide updated information on financial accounts in real time by displaying Ledger
  • Learn to manage its exposure to credit
  • Learn to use the estimated cash flows and currency conversion
  • Functional areas within your organization to create cost centers for 
  • Costs developed a particular company, service or task
  • The profit margin by business segment contributes to gather information on business or
  • Product divisions, offices, and to define more precisely the establishment of profit centers
About the Author

Platinum Peter Jones, SAP America, a senior consultant and speaker at events that are supported by SAP. Expert technical advice and Fico also a board member of the publisher. John Burger is Senior Director of Global Sourcing at McKesson. We are in North America, Asia and many European countries Fortune FI / CO 100 companies have implemented solutions in all modules in the ....

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