Saturday, 5 May 2012

Enterprise Integration Patterns for SAP NetWeaver PI | SAP Security

Using enterprise integration patterns for enterprise application integration (EIP) to design models of specific parts of messages, including filtering, several recurring problems that haunt IT staffs, can help resolve the issues identified and according to the split of messages, and collection in different parts of a packet by sending messages.

This book is strategies, approaches, provides the necessary planning to use the PPC and effective. Later, heterogeneous services, applications and systems for integration with SAP NetWeaver PI offers the two most important models, go even further. Based on real problems, in particular, the authors identify and integrate appropriate business model shows in detail how to apply for SAP NetWeaver PI. And it is only the beginning ... Examples are the essential components of the software and the book can be downloaded from our site!

  • Collector 
  • Rich Content 
  • Content Filters 
  • Dynamic Router 
  • Translator message 
  • Delivery guarantee 
  • Request / Response
About the Author

© Renee Daniel is responsible for portfolio management across the enterprise and application integration of Ciba AG, is an enterprise architect. Hermann BP AG Steinratter ERP Technical Architect and refining the architecture and Application Architecture is responsible for marketing the computer.

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