Sunday, 27 May 2012

SAP(R) Process, Analyze and Understand SAP(R) Processes with Knowledge Maps people exchange information, to optimize supply chains, managing strategic relationships, reducing time to market better and faster, provides a virtual power of the Internet to work smarter, increasing productivity and shareholder value.

Library, resource planning process to identify and analyze the documentation necessary to understand the standard SAP processes. Search on the basis of the mind method, a series of maps of the information obtained from the authors provide a method for the preparation of business operations. This is show business units to clarify the conditions and graphic images that focus on problem solving. Engineering work in connection with the Library of the process of organizational structures, business processes and systems information management in place. To illustrate each point clearly Enjoy SAP process areas of information are described with maps and screenshots. Case studies, tips and tricks, business management, clear explanations, SAP consultants will undertake the task of analyzing the contributions of the process itself.

This engineering book management, information management, information and maps covering the process of working with the core library. With the overall theme of the implementation of a software solution, analysis and knowledge of SAP cards covers the basics of understanding the process. The authors use information, maps, mind mapping derivative of how the method and explains how the real world. These conditions of sale and management information to analyze the methodological introduction to the engineering process, and provide specific examples of process maps and information library.

Contains the contents of:
  • Information Cards 
  • Mind mapping method
  • Chain Structure LEGO 
  • Analysis of the process 
  • Information Management
  • Revenue and cost control
About the Author

Jurgen Rohricht SAP since 1994 has been a consultant in the field of financial accounting. O, of national and international projects, R / 3 and has considerable experience in terms of functionality. He worked as project manager and marketing director common.

Thomas Teufel has been with SAP since 1993 and a process-oriented approach in practice has identified a number of consulting projects. Guide the development of a methodology that focuses on the creative process and information management. Meanwhile, Mannheim, Germany teaches school.

Teufel-Birgit Weiss, a consultant in the field of accounting has been since 1994. That the company's solutions (ready for R / 3) employees, FSO, working for an SAP partner logo. This is a simple and pragmatic believer in practice targets small and medium enterprises is particularly important to the SFO R / 3.

Peter Willems, in collaboration with SAP since 1994 as a logistics consultant. O sales, distribution and management services for integration into the application and spent three years as a consultant. Since 1997, SAP R / 3 applications, primarily for the transaction have been working as project manager.

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