Saturday, 12 May 2012

SAP IDES | Job Scheduling for SAP

Manual operations have one last thing! This highly anticipated book automates process chains in your IT systems and how to optimize performance of their enterprise applications most important to help you discover.

In rule-based distributed programmers After the introduction of an original full technical readers, including the great benefits of SAP applications and requirements for working skins on the outside developers to operate each of these solutions and disadvantages. After scheduling in Redwood "SAP Central Job by powerful new features offered by the SAP NetWeaver platform, the central planning of the work is offered. The loading and distribution, and this solution is used by the objects, principles and processes with practical advice on all the details about the authors, make sure that all the tough questions answered. 

In addition, readers have not another place the architectural details and specific operational / technical Explore opinion. The authors greatly improve the standard installation and configuration guides, tips for real world applications, to provide operators and developers. Particular attention to the integration of these individual channels CCMS and SAP business intelligence and enterprise-level methods, as well as paid work. Best practices and lessons learned to ensure that this book leaves a stone learned to real-world case studies.

Features of Job Scheduling for SAP:
  • The technical basis for mission planning 
  • The centralized and decentralized planning for SAP Solutions 
  • Job Scheduling in SAP interface Java programming, including new interfaces, 
  • Installation Aspects of tips and tricks 
  • Principles and programming processes, SAP Central Business District and Redwood Cronacle 
  • The best methods for use in long-term solution to the Annex
  • Customer Case Studies

About the Author

Kees Verruijt was a founder of Redwood Software. A number of technical SAP consultancy Deloitte Roebers Arnold. Redwood Group Business Development Director at Anjo Heusden. Three of them have many years of experience in capacity planning work.

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