Friday, 11 November 2011

Archiving Your SAP Data (2nd Edition)

Archiving Your SAP Data (2nd Edition) Description

Archiving Your SAP Data (2nd Edition)
Our best seller, this eagerly anticipated fully revised edition of SAP Master Data File, implements, and provides valuable information. This examines in detail the key technologies and processes, highlights specific archiving of data - generated by the display of archived data processing and storage of archive files archive for archiving checks. The last section is a description drive-by-step project planning and archiving stages of implementation of the standard provides a practical measure. This version of the routing file, new elements, a process Taana and according to the XML file contains.

The book, SAP ERP 6.0 to SAP ERP HCM and SAP ERP covering all aspects of the files, the SAP CRM and SAP NetWeaver BI archive includes specific concepts. The SAP client system and database administrators and data archiving project that meets the needs of the project partners.

Features of Archiving Your SAP Data (2nd Edition)
  • Information Lifecycle Management archiving data in the context of 
  • And the basic process 
  • Data storage 
  • Access to archives 
  • Archive Development Kit (ADK) 
  • File routing 
  • Transactions Taana 
  • This is an XML-based archiving 
  • SAP ERP (including HCM), SAP CRM and SAP NetWeaver BI File
  • Phases of the project description 
  • Draft List
About the Author (s):

Helmut Stefani Mainz / English and Spanish and graduated as a technical translator Germersheim, Germany, studied at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Applied Linguistics. After working in England as a specialist in software localization of CAD is returned to Germany to work for an American company. SAP since 1997, specializing in information management data file and the product worked as a developer, and has worked with the author of numerous publications on this topic.


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